2011 Is Here

03 Jan

I’ve managed to put on upwards of thirty pounds in the last two year, and I haven’t worked out consistently since the early part of last year. At around 180 pounds, I’m feeling a little less than comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t feel healthy at all. So today, when my dad said he was going to go to the gym and asked me if I wanted to come along, I was hesitant to answer. For as unhealthy and sluggish as I’ve been feeling recently, it was still hard to make the decision to get up off my butt and actually make the effort to start changing my life.

After a moment’s deliberation, I said yes. Today was the first day in almost a year that I’ve worked about because I chose to. My goal as of today is to try to work out at least three days a week, and to eventually drop about forty pounds. I want to feel comfortable again. I really do.

I also made a commitment after church yesterday to read the Bible in a year. That being said, I still have to catch up on the last two days of reading to get where I’m supposed to be, but I feel like if there’s a whole bunch of people reading it at the same time as I am, I will have more encouragement and initiative to stay on track! (Last year I failed miserably because I started in February and got way behind.) As much as I don’t want to read Genesis and Numbers again, I will have to endure.

My spiritual life has been severely lacking. I want to correct that! That also means praying much more often.

My last few goals for this year are to become a better hairdresser (because even though I’ve been in the industry for a year now, I’m still terrified of highlights and I want to increase my skills all around,) to get my truck running and/or buy a new car (and get my license — yes, I am twenty years old and not a licensed driver,) and to really get serious about budgeting for my husband and I to buy a new house (and be able to live/eat in it afterward!)

Today’s Reading:

* 1 Chronicles interspersed through this reading of Genesis because of events in the listed passages coinciding. I’m reading The One Year Chronological Bible, so the Scripture is arranged according to what happened when.

** Links to passages will be available with any Scripture listing, and automatically include all of the passages listed above them.

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