Dear Sugar, Please Stop Being So Tasty.

08 Jan

You know how you feel like you’re making progress when you start working out? And you’re totally stoked, because you’re like, “Yeah! I’m accomplishing something!” So naturally, with this new found sense of  self-accomplishment and joy, you decide to celebrate with a ‘one-time-only’ sugary snack. Something like a brownie, or a giant cup of cold, flavored coffee, or some ice cream; you know. And you smile to yourself as you’re consuming it, because you’ve earned it. You can devour it because you’re doing something to counteract this succinct flirtation with deliciousness.

And then the cravings come along. And you feel like stuffing every last piece of chocolate or cake or whatever sweet you can find into your mouth like some sort of gluttonous black hole.

Yeah. I’m there.

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