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Why Can’t Things Be … Simple?

It’s a terrible thing to feel complacent, unhappy, and somehow compromised.
To feel as though your career means nothing unless ultimately you draw in more money to appease the ever growing demand for financial tribute to a machine comprised of greed and lust.

I guess it’s an entirely needed kick in the ass when you feel like your job and people’s overall opinion of you is threatened – especially when both threats are completely justifiable.

What I wonder amid all this, though, turning from my decided lack of motivation and the desire to prove everyone wrong about it (somehow,) is why things in my little place of business aren’t done differently.

Maybe it’s just me being idealistic, but I believe that when you become an assistant there are a few things that should begin to happen. The first of which would be that your mentor, who you assist under, would begin to help build your business by directing his or her overflow clients to your work area to be taken care of. Your mentor would then instruct you and, once your service is completed, check your work and provide insight and/or correction where it is needed. That seems reasonable.
Those overflow clients could then begin making the decision whether to stay with their original stylist as a client or move to you as a member of your gradually growing clientele.

Your mentor would essentially retain all of the clients that he or she could without sacrifice, and simultaneously build your business by allowing clients to willingly transfer over to your care.
The process would repeat itself once your book was sufficiently filled on a regular basis and you could begin training another candidate to handle overflow and grow their own success. And if you incorporated a modest referral program, the company wouldn’t lose money but gain it…

It seems simple, but maybe I’m not the most business-minded individual. I mean, I am the woman who, with her husband, dreamed up a magnetic-levitation road system that seems like it would be easy to achieve… whatever.

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